In Lava [Pokémon Watty Awards, 2016 2nd Place Romance]

In Lava [Pokémon Watty Awards, 2016 2nd Place Romance]

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Brendan Birch is the son of the famous Professor Birch of Hoenn. At 19 years of age, he has finally decided to go on his journey. Along the way, he will make new friends as well as enemies and be caught up in a struggle that threatens the very existence of humans and Pokémon alike...

Courtney is an Admin of Team Magma. She has a brilliant mind and shows little to no interest in anyone or anything, save for the goal of Team Magma, science and...Brendan whom she finds interesting, and pursues relentlessly to the point where she starts to see a completely different side of herself. One she never knew existed.

Two people...

Two opposing sides...

One giant conflict...

And one quirky romance...




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Rascals... I think vocabulary of these characters is gonna enjoy me more than anything lol
                              DUDE YOUR WRITING IS GREAT XD
In games Brendan should have had a Mudkip but instead he has the weaker one - type wise I mean. Not sure if Brendan's official partner is supposed to be Treeko or not but this is a good choice.
Wait... What happened here again? Is it mentioned somewhere ahead in the story or is something canon from game? I haven't played the games yet.
Jcacoob_ Jcacoob_ Apr 02
yo dawg, i heard you like sweat drops, so i put a sweat drop in a sweat drop so you can sweat drop while you sweat drop
min_yoongles min_yoongles Oct 09, 2016
Heh, in the manga, May/Sapphire is the one eager to battle :3