Alpha Says Stay

Alpha Says Stay

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Dani Valla By danivalla54 Updated Apr 21, 2018

"You must obey or else..."

"Or else what?!" She spat in my face.

I took a step towards her and grasped her by the waist. My eyes darkened and a mischievous smile spread on my lips.

"Or else you will face consequences."


Simon never took "no" as his answer. Just because he is alpha and tells everyone what to do doesn't means everything has to be exactly his way. 

Everything MUST be his way.

But what happens when you happen to disobey the alpha?

You get one desperate Simon taking the loser side not one of his options.

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Flixir Flixir Mar 07, 2018
u have a body guard at school... when you’re... hold the phone wut
emotionlessjerk__ emotionlessjerk__ Dec 09, 2017
I don't know about you but if you steal my lunch, I'm going to kick your ass to space.
Flixir Flixir Mar 07, 2018
Would prefer deleting *than me* because it sounds extra. And reverse the second sentence to “Ever since I was born, my whole life involved...”
Flixir Flixir Mar 07, 2018
*first sign of a fuckboi spotted*
                              Well actually.. it’s all over the chapter
Flixir Flixir Mar 07, 2018
                              boi get over yourself. GO BACK TO GRADE ONE U MAN WHÔRE
- - Jun 27, 2017
It's what he wants to eat, maybe you should buy your own food😡😡