Teen Wolf Imagines

Teen Wolf Imagines

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lovelyobrienn By lovelyobrienn Completed

Theo held a lot of anger in his heart. A lot of bitterness, a lot of hatefulness. He was cold as the ice that slicked over the ground in wintertime. And because he was this way, he had no problem with hurting people. He could take a human life, he could feel their blood soak his hands, and he would feel no remorse.

He simply did not care about anyone but himself. Until he met you.

You hit him like a whirlwind, knocking him him right off his feet. He hadn't been expecting it, that's why when he hit the ground, he couldn't get back up. He was supposed to win you over, to get into your head and trick you into trusting him. After all, you were Scott's sister. You were his key to getting what he wanted.

But you changed everything. From the moment he met you, you managed to get beneath his skin. He couldn't quite describe it, but you had some type of hold on him. You emitted a strong energy, it seeped into his head and he felt like it was driving him mad.

The two of you instantly hit it ...

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JJlolx3 JJlolx3 Oct 21, 2017
Lemme guess, when Allison got stabbed I also got stabbed and it became a double kill?
_Stars_Ocean_Music_ _Stars_Ocean_Music_ Oct 26, 2017
I'm pretty sure I'm nobody's wound, but in this case, I accept it.
                              OKAY IM CRYING HAHLP ME IM CRYING SO BAD NOOOO
ThegoldenKupKake ThegoldenKupKake Dec 29, 2017
It beats hw from ap math. It’s so boring and I’d rather get beat up than do it
Angie_deedee Angie_deedee Oct 03, 2017
This hits WAAAY to close to home....my baby Allison😰😰😰😰
-transparency -transparency Oct 09, 2017
Well all I need is the air I breathe
                              And a place to rest my head
                              Said all I need is the air I breathe
                              And a place to rest my head