cryptic ⋙ calum hood

cryptic ⋙ calum hood

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cryp·tic [krip-tik]: secret; obscure in meaning

With twenty six letters, she composed words that placed the fragility of her life into the hands of someone else.
With those same twenty six letters, he formed pleas for her to stay.

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Also your profile pic is literally the same outfit I am wearing rn
I saw 26 letters and scrolled up to count if cryptic had 26 letters.... And then I remembered THE ALPHABET HAD 26 LETTERS!!
CalumsDxck CalumsDxck Dec 05, 2015
                              VACATION!!! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
carebearcth carebearcth Jan 12, 2015
@Daniel_is_a_penguin_ oh now it makes even more sense wow ok thank you
befourzen befourzen Aug 16, 2014
It took me a while to realize the 26 letters are the alphabet... Wow I'm even dumber than u thought