Lake house [A NaLu novel]

Lake house [A NaLu novel]

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Trollshima's apprentice By Jellalipop Updated Oct 18

Lucy finally finished college and decides to stay at her parent's old summer lake house as she could easily write to her hearts content in such a calming area. 

After meeting up with some of her old friends, she is introduced to someone entirely new by the name of Natsu. Seeming annoying at first, they soon build a very close bond... A bond that seems to make Natsu almost scared... Knowing that he could be falling in love, he struggles to figure out how to deal with someone like this. 

Authors Note:
Hey guys! Finally got an idea for a new book.

Also the description above is pretty bad so yeah XD I might change it later on but hopefully it's enough for now.

(*⊙﹏⊙*) I LOVED IT!! Now if you excuse me I will be stalking your profile until you update something. Thank you
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You don't need to proofread that was a great chapter in my opinion
THIS IS SO GOOD!  I was really excited to see this notification and it proved up to my expectations! 😉
Yes singles....... 
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This is amazing is it anything like the original concept I'm literally falling in love with this concept.