What is love? (Natsu x Reader)

What is love? (Natsu x Reader)

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『🍍👑』 By PanapaleQueen Updated Jul 21

Its you, and guess what? You're in highschool. I dont wanna spoil it, but you end up with this totally hot, goofy guy. Read to find out more

-disclaimer- I do not own fairytail or any of its characters 

thx for reading ^-^

Updates soon, I promise >.<

GamerSyd GamerSyd Jun 09
Me too it makes my feel very scared especially with a teacher and I'm all alone with one.......... no.
Doge12 Doge12 Jun 07
Same. I get really nervous and over think things that they probably don't care about
Lol I can never look some one in the eye(unless they are my friend), I will just either look away or look at something around there eye like mabie their nose or cheek or something
Doge12 Doge12 Jun 07
That's a lot of people. Oh how I wish that I had this many friends in real life
Before I start reading
                              What is love, babh don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more
Lotus_Kyruu Lotus_Kyruu Dec 04, 2016
Ik know thw feeling..when ur bored and got no plans everyonw busy but when ur busy they all wanna hang out now