A Shrew's Revenge 2

A Shrew's Revenge 2

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Egeeron By egeecotton Updated Sep 30

Life had certainly not turned out the way that Nora Carlton... Nora Lida had thought it would...

Three  years ago she'd married the most eligible bachelor in New York and despite a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, they'd managed to find their happy ever after... or so she thought. 

But here she was- divorced and with three toddlers, a custody agreement and all...  her heart in more than a million pieces. She'd never thought that Brian would do this to her... just run off with another woman. 

It was outrageous... It was intolerable... and it was enough to awaken something in her she'd almost forgotten. She'd never forgive him, never. She'd make him pay for humiliating her.

She'd show him what a shrew could really do.

chels_tho chels_tho Aug 22
Please update soon and yass Nora that my Badass Teach him and that bitch a lesson😊
okay..so, I'm hanging by the epilogue of the first book, that everything will work out fine. obviously, this alice is blackmailing brian..
BrendaChao BrendaChao Aug 20
Yes!!! Nora better teach that fool a lesson! Like just because there's a new girl doesn't mean you ignore your family and get together with her. Update soon! This is getting interesting and I loved the first story so I think this sequel will be good, too :)
loversquirk loversquirk Sep 04
Ohhhh my god!!!! I couldn't put you're book down! Nora teach him who you really are! Be the seductive Beatrice and sassy brains of Nora! Make him pay. Ohhhh I'm so loving this and can't wait for an update!