She's the Alpha ✔

She's the Alpha ✔

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Malia Thorne spent the last ten years of her life training to become an Alpha. With sacrifice, determination and a stubborn head, she's gotten as far as the Mating Games to take the next step in her journey to taking over the Alpha role of her pack.

Only to be thrown off track by stumbling into her mate, Aiden Brisbane, Alpha of the fiercest Pack in the North. A little more chaos and drama and we have her second mate, Lincoln Lee.

Let's not forget the cherry on top with her two mates being both of Alpha blood and brothers.

Fate has a way of leading people down paths of destruction, havoc and love.

All this girl wanted was to be Alpha.

Not continuously fight for her right in society, face near death and have two goddamn mates when she didn't even want one.

This is the battle of the Alphas.

A battle with fate.

This, is She's the Alpha.

"I Am The Alpha."


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