She's the Alpha

She's the Alpha

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When you've spent the past ten years of you're life, sacrificing your childhood doing nothing but training to become the next greatest Alpha of your Pack, all you want, is to be Alpha of your Pack. But in Malia Thorne's case, that seems impossible.

18, Stubborn, sarcastic, a talented warrior and honourable, Malia and her two sisters Anastasia and Serenity begin a remarkable yet dangerous journey of mate's, betrayal, war, hate and love.

And it all began in the Alaskan Mating Games where Malia found her first mate. Aiden Brisbane. Youngest Alpha in history, Alpha of the fiercest Pack in North America itself. Already wanting to bond with Malia at first sight, Aiden makes it his goal to make Malia his and only his.

But that's going to be a lot harder since Malia in fact doesn't have one, but two mates. Both just so happened to be Alphas and ... Brothers. Not at all expected.

Lincoln Lee. Alpha of a bunch of dirty little Rogues. Aiden's brother and Malia's mate. All he cares about is power, and more power. The only way his Pack of mutts will rise up against Brisbane and the rest of the Northern Packs is if they have a Luna. If they have Malia. But by lying, black mailing, violence and breaking her physically and mentally, Lincoln manages to pull a few strings to crush Malia completely and use her as a way to get what he wants.

And what he wants, is war.

This is the battle of the Alphas.

This is the battle of true love.

This... This is She's the Alpha.



"I am the goddamn Alpha."


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My friends when a pic of Kellen Quin comes out then I never know what they are talking about but they sure get overly excited
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After this I could just imagine Remi.
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