Fate and Love ~ Edmund Pevensie (Book 2)

Fate and Love ~ Edmund Pevensie (Book 2)

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Please read 'Heart and Home ~ Edmund Pevensie' before reading this book.

Amelia has been alone for 305 years without the Pevensies. She hasn't aged, but she's seen many terrible things. 

The Telmarines took over Narnia and have been controlling it for ten generations. Cair Paravel is destroyed, along with most of the Narnian population. Those who remain have no hope, and Amelia's powers have turned to dust as a result. 

Over the years, her love for the Pevensies has grown into distaste. She hates that she was left alone to protect the Narnians by herself. She hasn't felt the presence oof the Silvanus in years, and she has lost all hope in her once beloved friends and her lost love for Edmund returning.

But when a mysterious message shows up for her in the woods about the soon-to-be king, Amelia is dragged into the politics of the Telmarine court, Prince Caspian X and his uncle Miraz. 
Then the horn is blown, and a lost hope returns to Narnia. 

Will they save Narnia, or bring it to further destruction?


"Caspian is a good man, Amelia, far better than his ancestors. I have taught him everything about the Narnians and the Golden Age of the Four Kings and Queens. He believes it all to be a myth, but he is fascinated by the subject. I know he will stand for your people if only he learns of their existence. A Telmarine king who supports the Narnians could really benefit your people, Amelia. You have no chance of a king who will cooperate with you if Caspian dies."

I sigh as all the possibilities of free Narnians run through my head. If Caspian is truly the man Cornelius says he is, then would he help the Narnians come out of hiding? How joyous they would be, "So what do I need to do to keep Caspian alive?"

Cornelius smiled, "I take it you are interested in my proposition?"

"I still don't exactly know what your proposition is, but I'm willing not to kill you long enough to listen."


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may I just say you are a magnificent writer even if this is already a book you very good at creating more to the story and giving it more of a twist.
Stop making me cry!! Oml!! Someone get me a tissue!!! No wait a box of tissues!😭😭😭
the-golden-empress the-golden-empress Jun 27, 2017
                              EVEN THO I JUST CAME FROM BOOK 1, BUT WHATEVER
neverland_moonstone neverland_moonstone Mar 08, 2017
It was more like 1,288 years, according to the Narnians timeline
PhilomenaAngel1973 PhilomenaAngel1973 Sep 07, 2016
Wow this is amazing!!!! I love it she is soooooo different!! Wow!!!💙
2004dc11 2004dc11 Jan 24, 2017
You know, all of this is like a battle scene because im listening to 
                              Battle from the narnia chronicles playlist