Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting

Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting

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《Night Sky》 By FFXVsummoner Completed

Thoughts lingered on the one true King of Kings, Prince Noctis. Endowed with the special task of protecting the Majesty's son, the conflicts between Lucis and Niflheim only seem to complicate the relationship between you and the raven haired male. Only the mythical Six's decision had the probability of having another chosen child bestowed with god resembling powers could meet another kin with similar abilities. What purpose could the war serve on your respected view of the Lucian prince?

Includes combat portions. Minor similarities towards the Versus XIII universe like Noctis seeing expired souls, but is unable to prevent them from happening. Mentions of Goddess Etro.

Warning: In between chapters, the time usually skips from night to day (next day) unless it says otherwise. Your own personal chocobo also appears in and out of the story. It was one of those minor characters that I missed out on describing on what happens to it. 

Written pre-release. 

~Began on July 11, 2016
~Completed on September 3, 2016