Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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nafisah By lovelyness- Completed

Grace Lawson, the schools sweetheart, a girl who everyone loves and cherishes - along with her billion dollar smile.

She has the perfect life with popularity, gorgeous looks and a beautiful personality.

But the sun doesn't always shine - as the 'love of her life' dumps her for someone 'better'.

It leaves Grace utterly heartbroken.

But when the schools bad boy and her ex's worst enemy steps up to help get revenge, what will be the outcome ?

With a load of teenage drama, a sprinkle of cliché and a bunch of emotions. 

Will sparks fly ? Will her ex regret ever dumping her ? Will Grace find out the secrets that are buried deep between her ex and the bad boy ? Is revenge really the best solution ? 

But come on, there's always an urge for some  Sweet Revenge.

I read that as "the love of my life was supposed to shower with me"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
kaylah265 kaylah265 Jul 28
Yea, pretty sure she just found out her man, well now ex-man was cheating on her.
Which is why i stop believing in love and stopped relationships cuz i always get cheated on 😭😭 but i come back petty asf though 😈😈
litpayno litpayno Dec 13, 2016
I'm currently listening to cake by Melanie Martinez so what she said somewhat matches to the song 😂
Lolly_bear576 Lolly_bear576 Nov 29, 2016
Revenge....... that's an interesting idea......... *twirls mustache and chuckles evilly*
                              (For the final effect strokes fluffy white cat)
Cosmicgalaxy20 Cosmicgalaxy20 Nov 04, 2016
Love it already, but there better not be any cussing in this book! Pls......just......no cussing...