The Dream Stalker

The Dream Stalker

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Alex Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Updated Jul 26

Life seems pretty grim for Aaron Cooke. 

Being forced to move to the small town of Edman, Montana in the wake of his parents untimely  deaths, he starts having  very bizarre dreams that warn him of a mysterious presence terrorizing local teenagers while they dream. 

Aaron at first waves off the dream as a result of having too much stress in his life. Things soon take turn for the terrifying when the warning in his dreams prove to be frighteningly true. As his fellow schoolmates begin to suffer from a mysterious illness that pulls them into death, Aaron must work together with newfound allies to control his abilities and master the worlds of dreams to stop a mysterious yet ruthless killer from taking any more victims.

Cover by @guyswithguitars

tf i would die. bruh i use the internet most of the day even at 2am
I wouldn't be able to live. First thing that I do when I wake up is check my phone. Last thing that I do before I sleep is turn off my phone. And in-between that, guess what I do? Use my phone.
I wish I could talk to my mother like that. Before a syllable would be able to get out of my mouth, i'd be smacked lol
SeanXile SeanXile Aug 26
This sounds like an amazing story. I'm already excited to read 😊
Kerry0Niell Kerry0Niell Aug 10
In my family, it'd be "I'M -" 
                              "-coming down right away..."
I remember when I once received creepy texts and I was so scared that I called the cops. Turns out, it was actually my father lol.