Just One Bite 3: Vampire Reign

Just One Bite 3: Vampire Reign

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ By glitchcity Updated Dec 03

Year 2023.

Malak and Katina live peacefully with their 13 month old daughter, London.

Yet all the events and trouble they caused in the past is coming back to them, also the Humanity and Vampire war is getting intense.

But then, the vampires successfully take over the AVL's main base, which is the place where humans gather to experiment and figure out more about vampires. It doesn't take a while until humanity loses the war and vampires become the dominant species of Earth.

Malak and Katina are fugitives because of their actions in the past. But when they take shelter in a hidden abandoned subway, they make a huge discovery..

[Start Date: 7/14/16]

Smilekins Smilekins Aug 14
I wonder if the birth was anything like Bella's from twilight
QueenVashia QueenVashia Jul 23
I Just Want Hop In The Book And Hurt Him Shot Kill Him Do Something😑
MiyaSiya101 MiyaSiya101 Nov 20
I would have been as scared as her knowing me I would have been yelling , screaming, fighting and everything else
at first i thought he was gay and liked malak cause he was so weird in book 2
dangbr33zy dangbr33zy Sep 03
Hey if malak was king and he couldnt get hurt does that mean since reece is king he wont get hurt?
QueenVashia QueenVashia Jul 23
Aye Fam You Gotta A Problem Like Real Problem You Have A Mental Health Issues