The Darker Side | A Markiplier/JackSepticEye/Darkiplier/AntiSepticEye Fanfiction

The Darker Side | A Markiplier/JackSepticEye/Darkiplier/AntiSepticEye Fanfiction

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Scotty By bandomforever Completed


Jack has moved to LA with Mark. Once he gets there and settles in, Dark and Anti decide to join the party. But...there's something about Dark that's different. He's become more mean and sinister. The YouTubers are bound to know just what might have caused this sudden change. From anger? Jealousy? Maybe the will never know.

What could possibly go wrong when Jack steps into the line of fire?

  • antisepticeye
  • attacks
  • darkiplier
  • jacksepticeye
  • kidnapping
  • markfischbach
  • markiplier
  • seanmcloughlin
  • slighttorture
  • youtube
anT_iX anT_iX Mar 12, 2017
Get Anti anything out of Mark's house. -_- Why would you give away someone's stuff.
Oh hey bipolar, psychotic, Edgy named, “I call ppl weak” ‘strong’ guy who is probably gay. Nice to see you! 🙂
GirlyYoongi GirlyYoongi Mar 21, 2017
Are anyone else hearing their voices speak the fuckinnnnnnn words?! Lmao 😂😭
ola-mishamigos ola-mishamigos Nov 30, 2016
an evil version of an evil version of someone? this is trippy.
SolitarySoldiers SolitarySoldiers Aug 27, 2016
I was reading another one of your books and i thought to myself,  how weird would it be if one of their 'split personalities' had a split personality,  so know I'm reading this like, is this what I think it is?