Sáname ||SasuNaru|| COMPLETED

Sáname ||SasuNaru|| COMPLETED

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Rae By PeculiarSimplicity Updated Nov 26, 2016

After leaving the hospital that has been his home for the past three years, Naruto is finally entering the college life and standing on his two feet. Yet, life always has a wondrous way of putting obstacles in his path, and the biggest one is called Uchiha Sasuke.

College AU

Cover by: PeculiarSimplicity 
Written by: Sora Killua 
Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9131242/1/Sáname
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Saphishere Saphishere Jun 18
You have though 
                              Just remember you were on good terms and stop fighting cri
                              If only it were that easy, sigh
Saphishere Saphishere Jun 18
But narus legs aren't in good enough condition for this yet, I think, idk how much time has passed
I've read this story before on Fanfiction.net and it is AMAZING! That is why I'm reading it again because it's just too good!
I'd make a joke and act as I if I'm serious if someone tells me that.
                              "How do you know my ass is little and pretty?"
Saphishere Saphishere Jun 18
Neji is a guy? Is this bc it's told from narus perspective??? Idk just confused
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