Personality Disorder (OHSHC) (boyxboy)

Personality Disorder (OHSHC) (boyxboy)

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Keiiji Kazumi. Fifteen Years Old. Personality Disorder.

My name is Keiiji Kazumi. Im fifteen years old and have personality disorders. I have not lived the greatest of lives in my short years. My father left us after he found out my mother cheated on him, and died shortly after in a car crash. My mother didn't seem to care though. Coming home every night with a different man. How can you possibly blame me for turning out the way I have? The only thing keeping me from the brink of insanity is my friends. However, everything changes one day, when my mother comes back after months of being away. Engaged. Forced to move to a different country, leaving everything behind. Enrolled into Ouran Private Academy, and forced to join the host club. How can I, a mentally unstable teenager, with nothing to live for survive in this pathetic world. However, the host club seems to be determined to change my perspective of life. 

How will the host club deal with the newest addition? 

The quiet, unstable, boy with a dark past. However, he seems to attract their attention. And their hearts. 

Now the real question is, Can they handle it?

Warning: boyxboy, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, depression, and minor psychosis.

Disclaimer: Do NOT own OHSHC.

Pennyx1oo Pennyx1oo 2 days ago
I just want to know... Are these your actual thoughts, something you made up or half the truth?
It's hard for me to cry, and I swear tears are running down already
What if i dremt i was a robot dinosaur with lazer eyes eating my american friend Kelly?
Of topic and not the time but; I read "I was I fool then, I was!" And I relived I've been reading too much Black Butler Fanfics.
                              *gliches* Sorry, my brain just stopped functioning from the beauty of this for a second.
Is it bad that I always read this type of story to try to cry and then fall asleep at night singing the song Mad Hatter