Personality Disorders (OHSHC) (boyxboy)

Personality Disorders (OHSHC) (boyxboy)

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ThyEnemyCloser By ThyEnemyCloser Updated Feb 28, 2017

"Joy?..... what's that?"

My name is Keiiji Kazumi.

I'm fifteen years old.

My father is dead, and my dead beat mother is engaged.

Forced to move to a different country, leaving everything behind everything I knew, I was enrolled into Ouran Private Academy.

Due to a misunderstanding, I was forced to join the Host Club. 

And how can I, a mentally unstable teenager, survive in this pathetic world with nothing to live for? However, the host club seems to be determined to change my perspective of life. 

How will the host club deal with the newest addition? 

The quiet, unstable boy with a dark past. Though  he seems to attract their attention. And their hearts. 

Now the real question is, can they handle it?

Warning: boyxboy, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, depression, and minor psychosis.

Disclaimer: Do NOT own OHSHC.

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TheDubbleTrubbleAs TheDubbleTrubbleAs Nov 14, 2017
-flips table-
                              Well then. 
                              That was really deep
                              Tbh same tho
CrimmsonQueen CrimmsonQueen Aug 01, 2017
This hits home because it relates to me on so many levels.......
YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Aug 12, 2017
I forgot if I asked this or not but is kenji short in height and how tall is he?:)
hikohiroXharuhi hikohiroXharuhi Mar 15, 2017
Finally someone that sees what I see. Thinks wat I think. Feels wat I feel. I WOV THIS CHARACTER ALREADY
CreepyNeko-San CreepyNeko-San Oct 14, 2017
Nice concept i guess but there is one thing i dont like. There are multiple different personality disorders and i know which one you're going for but it seems a little offensive to just say "personality disorder" you know
Music_is_My_Disquise Music_is_My_Disquise Jan 02, 2017
Slay keiiji Slay
                              Slay Queen Slay
                               Omg I'm turning into Shane Dawson