The Bad Boy and the Ex-Boxer

The Bad Boy and the Ex-Boxer

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Meet Rebecca, typical outcast. She doesn't like to talk to many people but loves to box - or she did at least. In one of her fights, she went down hard on her knee in the middle of a fight and tore her ACL. She had surgery and wasn't able to fight for months, so she quit. 

Meet Noah, typical bad boy. He's a Smartass to the few he talks to and and adores boxing, has since he was 6. During a fight he gets destroyed, meaning he needs to be better. He gets word on the street from Rebecca's old trainer that happens to be his new trainer. 

Noah needs Becca, but is she willing to help? Is he willing to be patient with her long enough? What happens when Becca starts liking Noah....

*START WARNING: Viewer discretion is cautioned, though there are not many super intense scenes. Language and some scenes of violence (not between any partners)are in this book. Do not read if you have any issues with:

•Amounts of Foul Language

Please do not report book if any of these things are not acceptable to you because you have been warned. *END WARNING*
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