The Right Kind Of Monster

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Nicky By StoryOfUs Updated 3 years ago
♥  A Jacob Black Fan Fiction  ♥  
    Isabelle Hastings is the new girl in La Push, a small Native American Reservation in Washington, but she isn’t there by choice. Beaten and broken, she was court ordered to live with her new foster mom, Sue Clearwater, and her son Seth. As she is thrown into a world full of beings that shouldn’t exist, unwanted feelings, and haunting memories from a past she doesn’t know if she wants to escape. Can Jacob Black help her heal, even though his own heart has been crushed by someone he thought he loved?
Honestly I found this adorable I was just like awwwww Sethy is so cute
haha very cute and funny, love how u brought Seth in (who are one if my favorites from Twilight)
Wow. Just… Wow with a splash of awesome and a dallop of sweet! Great job :-D
Thank goodness :]]] such a great story cant wait to read more!!
I am a diehard Jacob Black fan but I cannot seem to get past the opening page. I would love to read it. HELP!