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New Recruits (Junkrat x Male!Reader)

New Recruits (Junkrat x Male!Reader)

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Mr. Insipidity By MrInsipidity Completed

Overwatch has decided that killing such...talented fighters would be a waste, and so they have some new recruits to take care of. This means that someone has to be assigned to each criminal to keep an eye on them. And, of course, lucky you gets stuck with the crazy junkers: Junkrat and his huge body guard, Roadhog. Wonderful.

  NOTE: This is a male reader insert fanfic that takes place in the world of Overwatch. All characters and ideas are copyright to Blizzard Entertainment, and I do not claim any of their work as my own. This writing is purely for fun and not for monetary gain of any kind. Cover art from the Overwatch wiki by Gamepedia. THIS FANFIC IS COMPLETE! Thank you for reading!

Ohmgod...............................................(ten thousand years later)........ THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies from the cuteness* *comes back to read the rest of the story* not yet body.
MrInsipidity MrInsipidity Sep 08, 2016
I just thought it would be funny imagining ROADHOG singing that. c:
Skeleghostt Skeleghostt Sep 08, 2016
I love you for putting sleepytime junction you amazing person
Chillingchic Chillingchic Dec 31, 2016
I had a friend show me that a few months ago and i finally got it out of my head. WHY??