Beyond Words And Endlessly

Beyond Words And Endlessly

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dyosathewriter By dyosathewriter Updated Dec 23, 2017

"Hello guys... What have I missed?"

"Oh, my God! Tres!" excited na sabi ng mutual friend nilang si Miranda.

Tres? The great Alfonso Esquivel The Third?

Five years ago, during college, Tres was her boyfriend and she was Tres's sweetheart and they were happily in love with each other. But they broke up--no--she broke up with Tres days after their graduation when she saw him kissing other girl. After that, she never saw Tres again.

Until now. At Lucas and Stasha, their mutual friends' wedding day.

"Sobrang na-miss kita," sabi ni Miranda na halatang excited.

Jorjina heard Tres chuckle. The same sexy drawl. Playful, naughty chuckle. 

Pinakalma ni Jorjina ang nagririgodon niyang puso bago humarap. 
And when she did, she met the pair of beautiful brown eyes belonging to the gorgeous Tres Esquivel.

Tres was in his gray tuxedo. He was a a little more muscled than he was five years ago. He was sporting a long and messy hair that touched his suit's collar. And a thin eight o' clock shadow beard along his jawline that added character to him. 

Dangerously and devastatingly handsome. Still. And always.

Jorjina met his gaze. Nasa harapan niya ang multo ng kanyang kahapon. All their memories flooded her mind. Bittersweet memories.

Their gazes held for a few seconds. And then finally, the right corner of Tres's lips twitched upwad, forming a half-smile. Handsome half-smile that did not reach his bown eyes.

"Hello, Jorjina. It's been a while."

Sinalubong niya ang tingin ni Tres. "Hello, Tres," matipid na sabi ni Jorjina kasabay ang isang matipid na ngiti.

Even if her heart was beating fast.

Even if deep inside her heart, she missed him--so much. His beautiful brown eyes. His sexy drawl. His playful chuckle. His flirty smile.

And the painful truth that after five, long and unhappy years, she was still hopelessly in love with Tres Esquivel-beyond words and endlessly.

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ariaresa ariaresa Dec 13, 2017
Bigla ko namiss to. 😔 yung palagi kong inaabangan na ud. Tapos na pala. Namiss ko si jorj at tres, at si baby jacob 😍
LizzyAisaka LizzyAisaka Jul 04, 2017
                               OMG.. ang harot nga bagong update.. 
                              like..... WHAT!!!!!?????
LizzyAisaka LizzyAisaka Jul 04, 2017
                               OMG.. ang harot nga bagong update.. 
                              like..... WHAT!!!!!?????
AmpiyangTabo AmpiyangTabo Jul 08, 2016
Eto na!!!! Nakoh!!! Tres baby!!! I've missed you so very much todo sobra!
iamarildelara iamarildelara Jul 10, 2016
Omg so excited.. d muna mg sleep :) thanks author :) hintayin ko :) @dyosathewriter
iamarildelara iamarildelara Jul 10, 2016
@dyosathewriter author ud na pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeee :)