The doctor on call

The doctor on call

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SofieMegaGarnaal By SofieMegaGarnaal Updated Jul 26, 2017

Vincent Richards was a 28 years old army commander. He served his country most of his life. It only took one night to change everything. 

When his military base fell under attack, he fought protecting his men and country.
4 months later he woke up from a coma, he was sent home to recover but never managed to regain optimal physical strength.  

With a honorable discharge and a degree in medicine on his name he returns home to pick up his work as a doctor. 

Zoe Myers.

Growing up with a bad past and used to men dominating her life, she gets admitted to the hospital one day. Brought in by a woman who found her on the side of the road almost beaten to dead, she is left in the hands of Dr. Richards and his team.

Still suffering from PTSD, Vincent finds it hard to break through Zoe's hard shell as he tries to get her to open up to him. 

With many bumps and twists emanating towards them will they manage to fix each other's broken spirits or will they break under the pressure that's given to them?

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Whompingwillow23 Whompingwillow23 Jun 03, 2017
Also you need a college degree, 3+ years of med school, and then years of residency to be considered a full doctor.
geekystirlingite713 geekystirlingite713 May 02, 2017
Oh my god!  Jensen Ackles is literally my favorite actor, and he's hotter than the Sun, so...  Good choice, Miss Author! 👍👍👍👏👏👏👌😊
Whompingwillow23 Whompingwillow23 Jun 03, 2017
Sorry but a PhD means you are a doctor of philosophy. A medical doctor needs an MD 🙃
CukieMonster CukieMonster Jan 20, 2017
I haven't read it yet but this really sounds good, can't wait to read it