Yes, Master

Yes, Master

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~Kate~ By Feline_Fan Completed

Bailey Beal has had a good life.

Despite his sub status he has been accepted at an accredited secondary school and dreams of his future. Around him his friends are being contracted off.  He knows of his inevitable placement with a Dom but determines it to be a 'Tomorrow-Problem'.

He was taken quite off guard when his parents strike what could only be a charity deal with a man he's never heard of yet, let alone met. Sudden this 'Tomorrow-Problem' is a 'Today-Problem' and nothing is an absolute.

Imagine his surprise when he hears the deal had made when he was fifteen. Why was this Dom just surfacing two years later?

Bailey is suddenly plucked from a comfortable life with his parents to a tiny house in the middle of no where with a man almost as old as his father who demands he call him 'Master.'

Bailey resists of course. He misses his home and his old life. 

But love has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

  • bdsm
  • bdsmrelationship
  • dom
  • master
  • punishment
  • respect
  • sub
ThatReaderBitch ThatReaderBitch Jul 30, 2017
Awe thats like one book, two if you stretch it and the books are small
laughifyouwanttolive laughifyouwanttolive Jun 11, 2017
I'm scared that this Bailey is the same one in "Heal my heart" 😭
                              I don't like it how his dom ended up treating him even if he apologized and redeemed himself, the damage that he did was permanent.😢
                              If he is the same Bailey I don't think I will be able to finish reading it 😰
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara Jul 11, 2016
Cute chapter, I can see how Bailey can be a handful.... he's a bit spoiled 😂😂😂
CheyE670 CheyE670 Jul 09, 2016
I'm so excited! I can't think of anything specific I want to see.... so I want to see it ALL!
yaoipunk yaoipunk Feb 03, 2017
Thank goodness you said 'son' bc in the discretion it didn't say gay or bxb. I was freaking out! What if I was reading a straight book! And and read straight sex YA NASTY! Nasty🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara Jul 11, 2016
Lol that's like two books, one if it's a nice one 😭😂😋