I'm Afraid || IwaOi smut

I'm Afraid || IwaOi smut

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Big fuckn loser By FromAnonymous_ Updated Apr 19


Iwaizumi and Oikawa have been friends for years. But when one of them confesses... Will their relationship crumble?

//Credit to @/Tsluttyshima on Instagram because this is a roleplay that me and her did//

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I am imagining them peacefully watching a porn movie and then Shittykawa says "Iwa-chaaaan let's do like them".... Pls excuse me I am retardered
He needs them to keep his hair fabulous, lock picking, getting the handcuffs off during kinky sex with Oikawa, general thievery, yknow same old same old.
Can someone bring some holy water and popcorn cause I smell some kink happening later...
I'm not the only one getting DR feels right? O-oh I am? Ok I'll let myself out then....
WHY ARE YOU APOLOGIZING??? ( u see? if u watch enough anime, you learn it gradually XDDDDDDD ) F U C K H I M U P
I am not crying you are, I just have a big ass rock in my eye,