I'm Afraid || IwaOi smut

I'm Afraid || IwaOi smut

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Big fuckn loser By FromAnonymous_ Updated Apr 19, 2017


Iwaizumi and Oikawa have been friends for years. But when one of them confesses... Will their relationship crumble?

//Credit to @/Tsluttyshima on Instagram because this is a roleplay that me and her did//

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Damn why is Oikawa calling Iwazumi by his first name hot to me?
Okay  got the holy water the priest 
                              Lets see what you got
XxGaylienxX XxGaylienxX Mar 21
Why is this so clear in my head
                              Why could I feel the vibrations of the door when iwa Chan slammed him into it?
                              My FBI agent is disappointed in me
....I’m reading this story for the second time.... I have legitimately run out of iwaoi fanfics to read
Wouldn't Oikawa be horny like all the time? Cause Iwa-chan is usually mad like 98 percent of the time
I’m supposed to eat dinner at the moment but I just keep shouting NO!