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Moriatic Acid By SebsLips Updated Nov 02

Pairing: Sebastian Stan/Reader

Rating: PG-13



I LOVE IT OMG 😍 I might cry 😭😭😭😭 huhuhhuhu and srsly i love it 💕
Is there any chances that this Dean, is Dean Winchester? 😂 Hahahaha
Is it possible that this Sophia is related to Y/N? Could it be .. Could she be the baby she was carrying when Seb left Y/N? Okay. I need a help here 😞😂
zigged zigged Jul 26
What in the name of sweet baby jesus... da HELL do you mean she prego? Child. Chiiiiiiiild. I will beat yo ass. F U C K is you doing having sex at your age? WHY DOESN'T THIS CHILD HAVE ANY GODDAMNED MORALS