Kitten•Adrien X Reader((COMPLETED))

Kitten•Adrien X Reader((COMPLETED))

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S ᴇ ᴇ ᴅ s By -Seeds- Completed


Inspired by• Miraculous Ladybug 

Adrien/chat noir X reader.

Hello.You must be y/n, heard much about you.
I hear that you like this man.adrien, correct?
Hey why don't you read this.this is my first attempt to do this.
So go ahead.

I'm seeds.Id love to get to know you!
I ruin your dreams at the end

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If I could I would make the teachers learn wrong so they will be humiliated....Mwahahaahahahaha
                              Or maybe not.....I am not THAT evil
-hair flip-
                              OF COURSE I AM
                              -put mlg glasses on-
                              IM THE SASSY RANK
TBNRGrace TBNRGrace Oct 22
But wait? Who’s that?
                              It’s me...
                              Nope its Y/N
It was Chloe's ass its so big it covered everyone's eyes (I LOVED WRITING THISSS)
Savy104 Savy104 Apr 22
Until suddenly, you see a little child  w/ short brown hair, green sweater w/ a yellow strip through the middle, brown pants and boots, pale skin and a dark abyss for eyes, with a slight tint of red, stare back at you, holding a knife.
Am I the only one who hate it when other characters say somthing like "Well she's better than me" or "She higher up from me"? I feel to much of a Mary sue