Bucky Barnes Imagines

Bucky Barnes Imagines

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Professional Griefer™ By mswalkertalker Updated Dec 29, 2016

Do I need to say more when it's already in the title?

     James Buchanan Barnes must be protected at all cost. He is a precious cinnamon roll who just wants his damn plums. 

     *clears throat* I mean, I hope you enjoy reading my (awesome) book.

     If you're also fan of Supernatural, you should check out my imagines book about that awesome show! Seriously. Go do it now. I mean, after you read this book.

     [X] օքɛռ
     [] ċʟօsɛɖ

     Updates are slow because I have zilch ideas. So holler me with your cute and awesome requests. Meanwhile, I'll rock backwards and forwards in the corner cursing my writer's block.

sarahvaleriex sarahvaleriex Jul 23, 2016
Hello I came from your Supernatural book to lick this book😂😂
lizzthewolf lizzthewolf Dec 01, 2016
I actually have a grey tank top and black jersey shorts...weird
1XTREMEFangurl 1XTREMEFangurl Oct 02, 2016
No words can describe this accept these emojis...😱😊😍