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My Love Has Secrets (Editing)

My Love Has Secrets (Editing)

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Jennifers117 By Jennifers117 Updated Feb 25

'Loving him was like shaking hands with the devil.'
' I fell in love with a guy who doesn't know how to love.' It wasn't as simple as that.
    Adam kidd (Stephen James hendry) the one I never knew. Adam did all the things I only imagined doing.He is dareing, smart, covered in ink and devilishly handsome. But he has secrets. He is showing me how to live with every kiss and every touch . I felt our connection.  He kept secrets, I questioned his past and our future. I questioned his commitment. Do you love me?
    "Do you even love me!" I shout.
    I see Adam fighting his tears while shakeing his head.
    "Answer! I'm not going to waste my life on you anymore."
    "Do I love you?" Adam looks at me now with cold eyes.
    "I cant do this anymore" I say as I walk out of our safe place, with no where to go and tears in my eyes. My heart hurts more than it has ever before, heart break isn't just a saying it hurts physically. You can feel the pain in your chest. I know those are just three words, but I can't help but want to hear then especially when I already feel so far from Adam. His reason for never letting me in is that if I knew half the stuff he has done I will run far from him and he doesn't want that, but yet he can't tell me he loves me? This makes no sense he never has.

where am I? I cant speak or move why is everyone rushing? why am I in the hospital? My head hurts. 
    (it gets better after a few chapters I promise)
    This is my first book ever, please enjoy! thank you for reading I am sorry for the grammar or if there is any confusions.I have not edited yet. I am writing this book on my phone.
    (Stephen james) fanfiction/Romance
    Cover Photo credit: 
    Model: Stephen James

taxday taxday May 29
This is so cute! But the grammar could use some work, other than that it's great