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Cotton Candy; Candy Floss {Septiplier}

Cotton Candy; Candy Floss {Septiplier}

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Frankie | Frannie By FrannieNeedstoHide Completed

Mark always knew who he could trust with all his secrets, who would walk with him, and who was out to get him. Being able to read minds had it perks but overall, it kind of sucked. Just having those constant voices in your head, yelling, whispering, just talking. It drove him mad. Mark was still an optimist, no matter what life threw at him. The red-haired kid that you would either see with a smile or a look of impatience, who stayed behind in empty classrooms for three minutes and only having two more minutes to run across the school the next classroom. That was Mark Fischbach, the one not many knew.

Jack never knew who he could trust, who he could complain to, who to confine to without being betrayed. He didn't know why he couldn't trust people, he just had trust issues. He was an optimist, though even an optimist had something to complain about so they could remain optimistic. Not wanting to plague others with his deepest secrets that they had to keep or with his flurry of complaints that he had about life. He was the green-haired kid you could always hang out with, the kid that you could ask for help and he would always come through, the kid with the big toothy grin that everyone loved. That was the Sean McLoughlin that everyone knew.

Jack didn't know a lot about his life. Who he could trust? Who he could be actual friends with? Who was out to get him? Who actually hated that giant grin on his face and wanted to wipe it clean? Who is the red-haired kid that looks like he's about to explode in the back of the classroom? Why does he want to help Jack? Why does he know that Jack needs help the first place?

The Cotton Candy haired boys; Green and red acting as a beacon of that everyone's eyes are drawn to.
The Candy Floss haired boys; Red and green catching the attention of passersby no matter the case.
The Candy Haired Boys that needed to live for once instead of hiding from the possiblilities in life.

You think its hot in Cali? 
                              Pfft boi try living In El Paso.
                              Its literally known as the SUN CITY.
                              It goes up to at least 110° over here.
                              No lie.
Shancolby Shancolby Feb 21
I accidentally read this as "penis" when I first looked at the paragraph. 
                              I need sleep
That kind of thing drives me absolutely INSANE! If there is some kind of small noise anywhere in the class room I won't be able to focus on anything else (not that I'm able to focus in class in the first place)
Jack : Why hello there future-boyfriend-of-mine.
                              Mark : ?????
                              Jack : What? It's true. Right? Eh :3 I'm only on the first chapter so don't listen to me😂
I used to play gta with my dad when I was like 7... And then my mom found out and I had to stop. It was sad because all I did was go around destroying and killing everything and it was really fun. 😃 *dead inside*