One Step At A Time | Zanevis {Book 1}

One Step At A Time | Zanevis {Book 1}

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Travis finds out he is in love with Zane, and will do anything to make Zane fall for him, but Zane isn't one to understand such an emotion as love, so Travis will slowly progress his way to his loves heart one step at a time♡

Yeah, it's a pretty one-sided love story

[Stories includes sexuality, violence, and partially inappropriate scenes ● Aphmau owns all of these characters ((NOT ME))]

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Loselagoons Loselagoons Nov 11, 2017
Travis : Hehe I won’t anger you
                              *satanic voice*
                              But if any other living whoree does, I’ll Fuccing rip their heads off and feast on their hands while their torso and eyeballs burn in the bonfire of our ever lasting love~
                              I’ll keep the skull <3
KeishaChadwick KeishaChadwick Apr 08, 2017
I mean.... half of me is like
                              But the the other half is like.....
                              What drugs is Travis on?
7_Chan 7_Chan May 03, 2017
Soooo....everyone ignores the fact that Zane is probably high on breaksticks right about now...
DeanxCasxPie DeanxCasxPie Jun 27, 2017
What you talking about? The cringey awesomeness was real.👏👏💜💜💕💕
Mitsumi_Official Mitsumi_Official Aug 19, 2017
Im sitting in the living room and hade to bite my finger to stop from laughing. I probably look stupid biting my finger but laughing would make it worse.
theskyworrior theskyworrior Oct 11, 2017
Hahahaha!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              Zane-senpai nice Travis nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂