The Dragons Within {Rewritten}

The Dragons Within {Rewritten}

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Weirdo✌💙 By ItsSimplyAWeirdo Updated Aug 21

"You know very well what you did to us" Her voice, low and a dangerous tone lingering in her words.

"No, we dont. Mind, telling us what happened?" Hiccup's voice was soft and caring, but cautious. He didnt know what this girl could do.

And with those words, the girl jumped down from the tree, her once (E/C) now a golden color.

"Oh, you'll see. Ask the chief of your village you call a father! I'm sure he'll love to tell you the story." She growled, fangs taking over her teeth. 

"If he's not dead when you get there." And with those words, and in a blink of an eye she was gone.

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You can change her to make her fit into your story more if you would like
Sashiasta Sashiasta Sep 18
Vampire goddess alert her name be Nyx from da House of Night series!
Almost done with the next chapter, I think is what she means