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The Dragons Within {Rewritten}

The Dragons Within {Rewritten}

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DD By Miraculouslover Updated Mar 08

(Y/n) is a very special person along with her sisters storm and Amber, (y/n) has a dragon called a shadow fury called shadow, storm has a razerwhip called razerwing, and Amber has skrill called Starbolt , all three share a very special bond with their dragons when angered (y/n)'s eyes turn blood red like her dragon, same with storm when angered her eyes turn a vibrant purple, and Amber turn a vibrant blue. These girls are more special then you think, their dragons give these girls powers only when in serious trouble, these girls are legends all across the archipelago they are called to 'the alphas' but live in the deepest parts of the woods at  dragons edge, the three girls dragons are alphas razerwing and Starbolt had to earn their leadership while shadow is a alpha species dragon, these girls have never been seen but a certain dragon rider decided to search deeper in the woods and finds their hideout and his name is hiccup haddock 
What's gonna happen to (y/n), storm, and Amber?!
What will happen to their dragons?!
Lets find out?!
(P.S. this is a race to the edge story after season 3 and you are not heathers twin sister and you have a peg leg like hiccups and in this Astrid doesn't like hiccup and you guys could talk to dragons and have like a empathy link don't know how to describe it and theirs this thing that the dragons can take over your body and when they do they turn a light color purple same color as the color and is a hiccup x reader hope you enjoy)

OMPOMP OMPOMP Oct 08, 2016
omFg this is off of that tree house masters type show I don't quite remember the name.
Can we just move bushes in front of it to make it a bit more...subtle?
CreativeChaosCreator CreativeChaosCreator Dec 03, 2016
*starts reading the description*
                              *gasps and waves arms rapidly*
                              I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THOUGHT OF A SHADOW FURY ASDFGHJK!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
14desout 14desout Nov 12, 2016
How me and my sisters build master pieces like tht I'll never know I'm just glad I did