Pride {l.s.}

Pride {l.s.}

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Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn down by a tall boy with green eyes. Add Louis, Harry Styles, a pride parade, and a kiss together, and there's a story full of love and someone learning that it's okay to love boys because love is love, right?

(Louis is a painter who hides his sexuality. Harry is a wedding photographer who embraces his gay pride. Liam and Zayn most certainly have a thing going on, and Niall is content just trying to open a restaurant.)

Cover by @stiles24stilinskiXD

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How does it feel having your book in multiple languages? It’s gotta be amazing, I’m sure.
Ragooti Ragooti Feb 16
I dont want to read this, but I cant do no nothing. I've started reading this story, now, I have to finish it.
Ney21_ Ney21_ Feb 11
                              I'll be able to read this in my language 😂
                              But I prefer to read in the original form sooo
                               SEE U IN THE NEXT CHAPTERS! 😂
I’ve had this book in my library since it first started and now that it’s finally complete I can read it
Leonies2 Leonies2 Feb 20
The couple Drama and then there is niall who wants to open a restaurant. Im gonna love this