Mystreet boys X reader // Her eyes.... (Completed)

Mystreet boys X reader // Her eyes.... (Completed)

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datshippergurl By datshippergurl Completed

You just moved to Mystreet hoping to make new friends.And you do.
You meet a lot of Nice people.
And a few boys really like you.
Do you know that they like you?
Do you like them?
Read the book to find out!

And remember

Stay Kawaii!💕

  • aaron
  • dante
  • garroth
  • laurence
  • travis
  • xreader
  • zane
                              ITS LIKE:
                              HAWAII NOT HAWWAII OR HAWEEWEE
You spelt kawaii wrong, what kind of Aphmau fan are u if u can't spell kawaii!
                              I am so sorry for raging your chapter was really good otherwise
                              Sea green
                              Jet black
                              Purple and gold
                              Nattelin Ashia
Kawaii~chan sorry if u don't want people correcting u i just hate when people spell things wrong
F/N-Plata L/N-Blanco (silver white in spanish)
                              Main color gray with silver/gold flakes
                              Silver with gold/white/gray highlights 
                              Black/^those colors
                              Jensen ackels-boy Hailey williams-girl
The title of the song should be little do you know without the how😂