'The Neglected One'

'The Neglected One'

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Kitsune By Kawaii_Kitsune Updated Sep 29, 2016

Kakanaru fanfic,
Naruto Neglect fanfic,

Naruto Uzumaki: Konoha's #1 knuckleheaded ninja. Not very smart, always pulling pranks and getting into trouble. !WRONG!

Naruto is intelligent. He is also even more shy then Hinata, but wears a mask to hide it.
How will his classmates take it?
One day, naruto suffers a beating worse than that of any other the villagers had given him and he snaps....

Can his beloved sensei snap him out of it and get his loveable blonde back? 

P.S.- I update every two weeks on Saturday. If I miss my deadline please don't be mad! There are also spoilers and BoyXBoy

I don't own Naruto ( Even though I wish I did ) It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
I don't own the pictures or videos that will be posted within the story either.

Well now that that's taken care of....


99tayhol03590 99tayhol03590 Jul 15, 2016
It was so sad please do more I beg you he is in desperate need of some lovin'😭
Yu-cha Yu-cha Jul 13, 2016
How do u forgot the day when a child is beat almost to his death...😒 really 3rd i thought u were better than this😐
ChaosGoesViral ChaosGoesViral Oct 01, 2016
I know where that is and it seems like tgats bound to hurt like hell
Kawaii_Kitsune Kawaii_Kitsune Jul 08, 2016
That will be on Saturday, July 21, 2016
                              My dear friend, Umi! Also, thank.   
                              Yu-Cha, she inspired me to make this!