Failed Correspondence

Failed Correspondence

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Ash By nyannever Updated Sep 13, 2017

They shouldn't have gone into that room.

But now they're stuck like this.


(This is a Torm forced fusion fic. Be prepared for violence.)

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space1rice space1rice Mar 19, 2017
When ever i hear something with skin i just think back to this time where i saw a picture of Matt and Edd trying to unfuse it scared the living hell out of me.
Wow... This... It was... WOW!! This was EXTREMELY unexpected XD
Emhaspaws Emhaspaws Jan 27
I love how you actually described the transformation (none of the TomTord fusions I've read so far even include it, they just skip it) and your writing is very detailed, allowing me to actually picture was was happening. I have a feeling I will enjoy this story.
thatoneperson1967 thatoneperson1967 Feb 24, 2017
Someone tell edsworld to make this cannon. Pls or at least a short story.
Sunshine_lollipops_ Sunshine_lollipops_ Jan 01, 2017
I love the concept of them fusing like this, and I'm SOOO gonna make a story about it
AsexualWalrus AsexualWalrus Mar 06, 2017
When I read the 'bones snapping' I just skipped to the end. Its gives me shivers