Another Cinderella Story ((Harry Styles&Selena Gomez))

Another Cinderella Story ((Harry Styles&Selena Gomez))

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"Everybody tells me that it's so hard to make it 

It's so hard to break in, there's no way to fake it 

Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling 

I shouldn't believe in the dreams that I'm dreaming" I sang And Danced.

 I felt like a Real Superstar. "MARIE" I heard Dominique Scream. "How Can I be an Artist If you dont do your Job Properly , They are People Who would Kill them for this Job , From now On Youre Grounded forever , and Now Get my Water." She said. I forget to Mention who she is. My Mom Was Working as a Dancer for Domi. She always Told me that Dominique was a Really Nice Person. Dominique had 2 Daughters , who Were Selfish and incredibly dumb.After My Moms Death , Dominique stopped being nice to me and Said that she never Liked me. At a Young age She let me clean the Whole House , and Do The shopping for her or Cook For her. 

Now Im 18 and I hope one Day Ill leave her and Her Annoying Daughters. Id Really love to go to a Dancing School. I love Dancing, It al...

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Egw_cutie Egw_cutie Mar 27, 2017
I love the movie and you have made it a book😍😍😍 I love it😍😍❤
PinkSparkle52 PinkSparkle52 Mar 28, 2017
There are so many spelling errors and the story is almost the same as compared to the original movie.
PinkSparkle52 PinkSparkle52 Mar 28, 2017
This is just the copy of the original movie with different names of certain characters.
Babyjosey1234 Babyjosey1234 Oct 09, 2016
Some of the words in this chapter are spelled wrong but  in able to read them because i do it all the time don't worry
Raven363 Raven363 May 07, 2014
and if any body want to say something gone head im not stopping you
Raven363 Raven363 May 07, 2014
I watch the movie and it was boring so the book is boring to