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Obsession (Loki Fanfiction)

Obsession (Loki Fanfiction)

124K Reads 4K Votes 21 Part Story
MischiefMaker26 By MischiefMaker26 Completed

A year on and scientist Isobel Jones has returned from Manhattan to what she believes is her normal life. Her life is anything but normal. SHIELD have gotten into contact with her, she has begun to have therapy sessions but strangest of all is there is someone trying to contact her in her dreams. As her life begins to unravel, will Isobel be able to make the right decisions, to save the ones she loves?

ab122000 ab122000 Dec 05, 2016
Hi! I know this was written ages ago so your probably don't care, but I think she would be a psychiatrist instead of a therapist. They are similar professions, but psychiatrists have a medical degree and can prescribe medicine, whereas therapists cannot.
Areonniell Areonniell Jul 24, 2016
That's ok kissing is connection of lips normally depicted as romantic it's just passing saliva and left behind to one another... And let's not get started on diseases but by all means kiss away
Camilion14 Camilion14 Jun 19, 2016
Honhonhon (if you know what I mean then you are one of my new besties)
Areonniell Areonniell Jul 24, 2016 bedding is a whole other story from kissing...I will not go their because ya just a... Shut up, crap shît fûckers I'm pulling a Gollum again
Kay328 Kay328 Jul 06, 2015
wow right now when i read this it was exactly a quarter past 5
AlysiaWoodworth AlysiaWoodworth Nov 20, 2014
This is the first book of yours that I'm reading. I have a feeling that I will love it.