Can't Help Loving You (Zenix X reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

Can't Help Loving You (Zenix X reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

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ᴬᴸᴱˣᴵˢ ᴷᴵᴹ By AGKraftyGamer2257 Updated May 28, 2017

Your not very talkative.
Your friends with Aphmau, Everyone else. Normal right?
Then one day 3 people move into the neighborhood.
You live in the middle of them.
The one on the right ends up being a very special person.
To you specially.

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Not mine!

Started: July 5th

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0ShippingTrash0 0ShippingTrash0 Jun 19, 2017
*Pterodactylus screech* 
                              How did i not know he was a character
_Zebee_ _Zebee_ Jul 08, 2016
Dante sounds more like me! Just come running at my cuzon when he's talking to girls yelling "BIG CUZ" then tackle hin
Floral-Crown Floral-Crown Jan 14, 2017
Mmmm, that's nice, as if I wasn't already beautiful. ;))))))))))))))))())))))))))))))))(())(())())))
                              *parentheses intensifies *
Salty_Pancakes Salty_Pancakes Aug 10, 2016
I have to say hi to my other bro!! Pls author chan I Needs to sees the genes
FatDogs FatDogs Oct 26, 2016
D-did zenix just call me B-beautiful... EEEEEEREEM*cough cough* Excuse me.
FatDogs FatDogs Oct 26, 2016
I can just imagine myself doing a troll face while saying wassat???