i thought you were a boy

i thought you were a boy

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"Oh. Oh my god. Oh god."
"I thought you were a boy."


all characters and situations in "i thought you were a boy" are works of fiction.

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my friend who come out as gay last year said to me "spaghetti is straight until is gets wet"
idk why, but ive heard this before-
                              but reading it from you makes it so much better
Person 1) I'm straight 
                              Person 2) so is pasta till it gets hot and wet
Man, I remember reading the full story all in one night back in the summer. Stayed up till like 4, but got the job done.
When I read this title the first thing I said/thought was "is you a man then? "
if you say its smut then its actually fluff then theres a problem