Full Moon (Bella and Paul)

Full Moon (Bella and Paul)

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Alice Cullen By zoe167 Updated Aug 22

When Bella Swan's best friend, Jacob Black, starts avoiding her, she imedently blames the La Push gang. With hopes of getting her best friend back, Bella travels to La Push, demanding to speak with Jacob, only to leave with 3 new friends, 2 big secrets, and 1 soulmate.


    This book is about if Bella was with Paul. I noticed that there wasn't really a Twilight fanfic about Paul and Bella, so I decided to write one myself.


    To help this story, I encourage you to comment when something doesn't make sense.

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Please don’t do this in every chapter, cuz there are lots of other religious people reading this. For instance I am a Pagan. So this kinda thing makes me feel bad
gaypurplepumpkin gaypurplepumpkin Jul 27, 2017
I like this. Me, I'm a Christian and thus is the first I've seen of something like this
Reptile1 Reptile1 Mar 09, 2017
If your into bella Paul fanfictions cause you said in the about there aren't many fanfiction.net had a bunch
I have to agree some of us are not Christian or Catholic. Me I'm a wicca
Hufflepuff_girl99 Hufflepuff_girl99 Dec 30, 2017
Please don’t do this in every chapter. It makes us atheists feel bad
Please don't do that very chapter in Christian and some of this we have not learned about