My Possessive Bully

My Possessive Bully

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Miss_Imperfect129 is NOT completley writing this book her friend AKA me, is writing it I am getting help from her though. enjoy! 

I'm Alma Marsha, the 17 year old popular girl. I'm considered nice and social, I'm liked by a lot of people. Oh and there is this one particular guy who apparently owns me, oh but that's not all, when he began hanging around me I got on a roller coaster without knowing, One filled with tears, love, friends and a lot more.


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LindseyDudley5 LindseyDudley5 Nov 06, 2017
IT'S CUTE at least he's not a bully bully like tripping u dumping your food and you etc (And no I don't get bullied with my 4 brothers and 2 cousins it is hard to even get out the house)
TeddybearFelix TeddybearFelix 3 days ago
It's not the fact she's pretty it's the fact that all woman have that bot of black crazy in them
You just destroyed the fourth wall woman not cool, not cool at all☹️🤫
kittythebest1 kittythebest1 Dec 04, 2017
Are me and waltdisneyqueen the only ones who noticed that the fourth wall is forever gone!?!?!?!?
In the first paragraph, and the fourth wall already got destroyed, lol
twentyoneproblems10 twentyoneproblems10 Jun 25, 2017
No one is going to talk about the fact that the 4th wall has been broken ok