Lost Girl: Jamie's Story

Lost Girl: Jamie's Story

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Hroofitz By Hroofitz Updated Mar 22

(This story it currently on pause. No updates. I hope to resume updating soon.)

For this story I have basically taken the show Lost Girl, smudged the timeline a little bit, and dropped my own new character, Jamie, into the story. 

There will be scenes that are word for word from the show and those of course aren't mine they will be underlined in the story.

Also whoever made the fan art that is the cover of this story did an amazing job, I just got it offline, I did not make it.

The story is told from Jamie's point of view.


My life was...
Well I don't really know how to describe it.
I never knew my parents and I will probably never know my parents. When I was a baby I was left on the front steps of an orphanage. I lived in that orphanage until I was only 4 years old. Then the day after my 4th birthday I was sent to my first foster home. I never stayed in one for very long so I never really had a family or any place to call home. I didn't think my life could get any lonelier, but not long after my 16th birthday it did. 
I killed someone.
Murdered them...
I don't even remember doing it. One minute they were alive and next thing I know, they were dead. It was terrifying. I didn't know what to do. So I ran, and I ran for 12 years. Town to town, constantly changing my name, changing my job, changing everything. I thought I was going to have to run forever.
But then I met someone.
And that's where my story begins.

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BlueWisp BlueWisp Jul 08, 2016
Sounds like someone's been a naughty Succubus! Looking forward to the next part. I'm glad you decided to post this. :)