My randomness of things in life!

My randomness of things in life!

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That_Horse_Freak By That_Horse_Freak Updated Nov 25

I have to much stuff in my head so I'm making this book as a place for me to just flat out say it!

This book will be: my sadness,anger,happiness and every emotion 

Things you might find in here:
Ships!! (Two people that I want to start dating)
Fangirling,pictures,rants,tags anything random!

This is made so I can let my brain go insane! (Oh wait it already is... OH WELL) So Yeah here is a book that is kinda about my life and thoughts and emotions. So yeah you ready??

Did you say no? OK since you did here's the book!

Oh wait you said yes ok here's the book! 


Luckily I fit on ponies still. But they are a handful. I love them