Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming....
     Lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming and you gain conscious that you are in a dream. In this state, you are able to do anything you desire from flying to being a superhero. In this book I will list off MANY HELPFUL tips on how to become lucid. 


Wattpad Book Cover:,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNE6hF1GNxGUgC05K9pDFfj_qLJfAQ&ust=1468022884113030

I can't do that in my dreams, because for some reason I'm always outside
BeautyInTheFall0ut BeautyInTheFall0ut Oct 18, 2016
@shelbob13 Lucid dreaming is natural and has been practiced for many eras. It's not a troll or fake, no technique can be bullshît but different techniques work for different people.
Last night when I was dreaming I realized that I was dreaming but even if I told someone to do something... they wouldn't do it. I then looked at my hands and I had 4 fingers on my left so I knew that I was dreaming but I couldn't control my dreams. Any advise?
Rosemaryflower Rosemaryflower Oct 31, 2016
I've tryed that and it's really weird but I can feel in my dreams. :|
Mr_Eeeeee Mr_Eeeeee Oct 30, 2016
Anyway I want to ask question. Do people usually feel pain like pinching yourself in a lucid dream?
haru_nanise haru_nanise Oct 31, 2016
Last one makes wonder about reality...
                              Might wanna check it.