|| The Masseur ||

|| The Masseur ||

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All women crave something.. But just what is that something? Could it be a man's gentle touch? Or what they have in their possession that will leave a woman satisfied? 

Charisma Waters knows exactly what she's craving, only thing is.. She doesn't have a man to give her what she wants. 


After catching her husband in the act of cheating with another woman? She lost all confidence, not because of the constant verbal abuse she was getting from her husband, Daniel, but because the woman he sexed was young, slim and the wild type, all unlike Charisma. 

She hasn't been in the comfort of a man ever since then and that's been a year since that terrible past. She's also deprived of sex, craving to actually catch an orgasm/get hers, she wasn't able to get any of that. That is until she meets.. 

The Masseur.

What will happen when she meets the attractive Adonis? Will it just be sex? Or will he learn to actually fall in love with a woman? Will it just be sex for Charisma? Or will she be able to love another man? 

Read to find out❗️

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Monique_Blues Monique_Blues Nov 06, 2017
We have another Char in the house 🧝🏾‍♀️🧖🏾‍♀️🧚🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧞‍♀️
fxckyopics fxckyopics Jun 01, 2017
As i lick both sets of lip lip lipd 
                              Sorry😩 Wet The Bed refrence
N_Strong N_Strong Mar 12, 2017
I hate this. I said it's not my scene so that's the end of it.
andrine09 andrine09 Sep 30, 2016
This chapter was far from boring.. I love Charisma's personaliity already its sweet and refreshing👍👏
Nonchalantj5x Nonchalantj5x Oct 29, 2016
Nuru massage. The most sensual type of massage orgasmic😎😎😏
MoraMiAmor MoraMiAmor Nov 28, 2016
Drip Drop Drip Drippity Drop ☔️💦Lol moisture... monsoon...hurricane...tidal wave.... 😂😂😂