Wow, Clubs Are Hard to Start

Wow, Clubs Are Hard to Start

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smh By 20EuroNosebleed Updated Dec 05, 2016

Mikey and Pete meet once at a club. 

And then again. Miraculously. 

It's almost like someone wrote it out for them.

(( no one asked for another high school au and i aim to disappoint ))

HamiltonTraaash HamiltonTraaash Aug 11, 2017
Makeup is fuckin great for a guy. Because it makes a guy look beautiful  which a lot of times a guy is not beautiful and I wanna change that. I wanna make sure everybody thinks that guys are beautiful
mwheezie mwheezie Aug 02, 2016
that entire section was so cute with the nail painting n everything i love it sm
batleader batleader Jul 08, 2016
great chapter again, really enjoying the story thus far and looking forward to more.
noitsironic noitsironic Feb 26, 2017
Excuse you I'm the leader of the Squirrel Admiration Club don't even talk to me
batleader batleader Jul 08, 2016
great chapter, really enjoyed it. i love your stories, i'm glad you're writing another. once more, great chapter.
MikeyMyWaysDowntown MikeyMyWaysDowntown Dec 30, 2016
I read it as cubes instead of clubs and immediately thought of the car