You Cant Date The Coaches Daughter

You Cant Date The Coaches Daughter

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ By Hellafinefandoms Updated Sep 21, 2016

"Well why cant i?" Andrew Finn asked his best friend 

"Because hes way over protective of her, besides he wants us focused on soccer, not his kid. Not to mention youre 2 years older than her." 

Andrew was one of those boys that just gave off the vibe of fuckboi, but it really wasnt true. He was a good kid, an abused kid, and yeah hes made some mistakes in his high school years, but the senior genuinely fell for the sophomore girl. 

"Im gonna go for it anyways." 

"Good luck pretty boy. Now come on. Weve got a practice to run." 

[what are you people doing? dont skip the first chapter. if you do youre not gonna know what the fucks going on.] 

•lower case intended•

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crazyallyy crazyallyy Nov 24, 2017
😂😂Why is there a girl in the boys locker room??😂😂😏😏 what she tryna do dereeee...