Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Completed]

Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Completed]

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Gustavo J. By ImperialSun Completed

How far would you go to achieve your dreams?

Many dream of attending Nine Petal Academy, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the land. They must all leave their countries of origin and undertake the journey to Kyuu Seishin-- a nation which has long clashed wands with their own.

Among those is a young man called Lei Lan-- a wind and lightning mage with a strange power of unknown origin. He aspires to  become Magus Maximus, the one herald as the strongest mage in all the universe. A goal which is made difficult by what in his world is deemed as an unusual sickness. Despite this, Lei is determined to achieve it, even if it means pushing himself to the brink of death. 

Embark on a world unlike any other. Novus Magus is an original light novel and is the first book in the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Saga. 
                Original Version was published on July 7th, 2016. Rewriten version was published on April 30th, 2017. Revised version was published on July 28th, 2017.
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windstruck07 windstruck07 Dec 05, 2017
You know what... idk why this makes me sad. The narrative wasn't even meant to sound overly emotive, but I'm still getting an emotional vibe~ 😭😭😭 why? 
                              Nice job~~~
pena-fajar pena-fajar Mar 05, 2018
I don't know about the others, but despite all he had said about his life, this Magus Maximus seems to have attained what no one else of his rank had ever before--to the point that he could pick to embrace or defer his post-mortem rewards...
LuisPetrizzoRengel LuisPetrizzoRengel Oct 20, 2017
Here's the user of a classic trope of "You top aging at 20" which means that you can look better in your twenties when you become immortal, which in my opinion, could be better if the character has a reason for it, like beauty or something.
BleachedWhite BleachedWhite Nov 15, 2017
This is amazing. I love this first chapter. I think my favorite prologue so far! I love this
Alex-Archer Alex-Archer Dec 15, 2017
Whoever here watches anime must have seen .
                              hand shakers
                              Magi and the labyrinth of magic
                              and the Asterisk War
JamesLester126 JamesLester126 Dec 08, 2017
                              I’ve started again since I kinda lost the plot last time. Hope you don’t mind?