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Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 1- Novus Magus ☼An Original LN☽

Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 1- Novus Magus ☼An Original LN☽

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Emperor of the Sun By ImperialSun Updated 2 days ago

Lei Lan has dreamed of becoming the strongest mage in all of Xeleria since he was a small boy. Now that he's fifteen, and nearly sixteen-- He's ready to embark on his magical journey to make his goal come true. 
However, to do this, he will first need to have a proper education in the magical arts. His school of choice? The world famous Nine Petals Academy, alma mater of countless famous mages in history. However, the school isn't even in his home country but in the Empire of Kyuu Seishin on the mainland. Lei is still determined to go, even if it means pushing himself to his limits.
    Embark on a world unlike any other.
    Novus Magus is a tale of trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and perseverance. 
    It's the first book in the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Saga. 
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           Original Version was published on July 7th, 2016. Revised version was published on April 30th, 2017.
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gidchang gidchang May 03
@EternalDawning i noticed the background music for the trailer is the 2nd ed from Attack on Titan season 1 right?
Dragonlorrd Dragonlorrd Mar 31
Love the video. Hope this story lives up to expectations. Luck
Hana-shi Hana-shi May 04
I just realized that the title 'Novus Magus' means as 'The New Mage'. Yes, you made it just so impressive. It's from Latin, hell-yeah! I love Latin. And it does imply much to the summary, of the protagonist.
Yeah . . . South Africa clearly doesn't want me to see this. I'll just go on ahead to read.
MariamSarhan MariamSarhan Oct 15, 2016
It's two am so I will check out your trailer tomorrow. Just couldn't stop myself to have a peak before sleeping.;)
RhylanWriter RhylanWriter Oct 03, 2016
Woah, great trailer! The opening song isn't like I had imagined but I think it's even better, more emotional :D. Fits like a glove ☺