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infinity - roleplay

infinity - roleplay

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🍃 By spookylouis Updated Mar 18

Read the title fam :^)

Name: Celeste Knight
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Female
                              Personality: Sarcastic, loud, sweet, tomboy, moody, laughs a lot
                              Looks: Tag?
                              Sexuality: Demisexual
                              Other: She likes to be called Ryan
Name: Kirsty Connors 
                              Age: 22
                              Gender: Female 
                              Personality: sarcastic, bitchy, tomboy, fu n to be around, loud, and Cool
                              Looks: I'll you in my Rp book for the looks 
                              Sexuality: Bisexual 
                              Other: IG and snapchat model, likes sleeping and eating, and has a parole officer.
Name: Kasey Cordero 
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Female 
                              Personality: funny, sweet, sporty, sarcastic, laughs a lot
                              Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Other: tattoo saying 'Cordero' on inside of right wrist
Name: Alissa Tennessee 
                              Age : 16 
                              Gender : Female 
                              Personality : Sarcastic, outgoing,  fun, silly, adventureous, risky.
                              Looks : Alissa Violet
                              Sexuality : Pansexual 
                              Other: She can sing really well and she is a very famous youtuber
                              Backstory: Secret
munchkinlester munchkinlester Dec 17, 2016
Cass (Cassius) Everett
                              age would be depending on the rp
                              sweet, awkward, childish, cheerful, kind, has a temper
                              icy blue eyes and pale skin, dark brown tousled hair (poofy af like damn), a little chubby but not so visible. 5"9.
                              G A Y
elsalady elsalady Jan 08
Name: Mikasa
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: black hair that goes down to her butt XP, pale skin, deep brown eyes, lip ring
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Likes: singing, music, playing instruments, anime