roleplay  ☻

roleplay ☻

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Read the title fam :^)

-AdelaideRomanoff- -AdelaideRomanoff- Nov 21, 2016
Name: Jess Right
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Female 
                              Looks: Vanessa Hudgens  (dip dyed red hair) 
                              Personality: Kind, weird, mischievous.
                              Likes: music. Animals. Dance.
                              Dislikes: bullies. Bugs.
                              Sexuality: Straight 
                              Background: it's a secret
munchkiniero munchkiniero Dec 17, 2016
Cass (Cassius) Everett
                              age would be depending on the rp
                              sweet, awkward, childish, cheerful, kind, has a temper
                              icy blue eyes and pale skin, dark brown tousled hair (poofy af like damn), a little chubby but not so visible. 5"9.
                              G A Y
elsalady elsalady Jan 08
Name: Mikasa
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: black hair that goes down to her butt XP, pale skin, deep brown eyes, lip ring
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Likes: singing, music, playing instruments, anime
starberryawsome25 starberryawsome25 2 days ago
Name: Amanda Clifford 
                              Personality:funny, shy, nice,sweet 
                              Looks:jen ledger 
                              Backstory: she lives in Australia with her brother Michael Clifford 
                              Sexuality: straight 
                              Other: she plays the flute and the guitar and her brother is Michael Clifford
ColorfulCliffordd ColorfulCliffordd Dec 13, 2016
"Primrose Dexion
                              Green Eyes
                              Lairs, Cheaters, being left out
                              Makeup, Clothes, love, home, music
                              Bubbly, Silly, Fun, Funny
                              <img src="" alt="Related image"/>
                               No tattoos though"
                              No real background
DeliriousLivesMatter DeliriousLivesMatter Dec 27, 2016
Name: Nikky
                              Age: 19
                              Personality: shy at first, nice, kind, caring, can get very angry at times
                              Looks: long brown hair, blue grey eyes, ears pierced 3 times, cartalige lived on her right ear
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Other: she's been playing guitar since she was 10